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Why Are So Many Chefs Switching to Cottonseed Oil?

Some like that the new generation of cottonseed oil boasts an impressive fatty-acid profile. Others appreciate how well the oil cooks up tantalizing treats. One thing is for sure: Cottonseed oil is gaining the attention of chefs and nutritionists like never before. Cottonseed oil is composed of approximately 75 percent unsaturated fats, 55 percent of which are polyunsaturated and 20 percent of which are monounsaturated. These “good fats” are regarded as contributing positively toward cardiovascular health when consumed on a moderate basis. The mid-range polyunsaturated fat content of cottonseed oil also enables this product to function well in …

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Viceroy Joins the Colombian Renaissance

Cartagena’s old-world charm is apparent in its extraordinarily well-preserved cathedrals, palaces, and fortifications. Its foundation as a 1533 city is still evident through the architecture and sites in its three quarters, where cobbled streets, charming old-city walls and coastal shipwrecks have earned it a ranking as a UNESCO heritage site. Today, much of its economy is based on its maritime trade, while its popularity as a tourist destination has largely been based upon the preservation of its history. With a booming tourism industry, however, comes a booming hotel trade. This has turned a part of the region into a carbon [...]

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Professional Translation Service Company

Finding a reputable translation company isn’t easy. The good news is, Rosetta Translation Agency is a professional translation agency which provide worldwide translation services available in all major languages. Rosetta Translation Agency provides a full range of translation services to companies worldwide. They specialize in high-quality document translation for business and commercial text alike. They offer professional translation services at very competitive prices. Their translation service suite is intended to simplify the translation process for your organization and allow you to concentrate on your core competency. With their experienced translation team, they will work effectively with you to …

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Michael James Knapp Explores Different Types of Homeschooling

Homeschooling experts and parents like Michael James Knapp suggest that once you’ve committed to homeschooling, you should determine how you will teach your children. To get you started, here are the most basic homeschooling styles. There are many variations of each, but this brief rundown points you in a general direction. Unit Studies Unit studies build outward from a single theme, encompassing math, social studies, reading, art and science in the process. For example, if the theme is robots, you might research the history of robots, read stories about robots, and use math, science and art …

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